Everything You Need To Succeed Was Inside You BEFORE You Were Born.

The NEW Book Eliminating Excuses Around The World!

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"After being rebuilt on the inside after the premature birth of his daughter. Jack has now taken those lessons learned bedside and turned them into inspirational teachings that we all need. He is out to prove that we have everything inside us before we were born. All we have to do is uncover it. This book shows you the way and knocks the excuses right out of your head!"

Rick Frishman - www.RickFrishman.com Founder PlannedTVArts


“We cannot be more proud and more excited than we are at watching our little granddaughter enlighten, not only us daily, but the world through our sons books. It is a blessing just to hear her laugh so we know the world will gain great insight from these teachings. “

Ijack and Judy Hatfield - my Ma and Pa


I am fairly jaded when it comes to self help books, most are just a rehash of some other yawn inducing work. The one aspect that bothers me most is why do these authors continue to churn out the same stuff? Jack Hatfield’s approach is different, it is fresh, and rather than get tied up in the tedium you also get the benefit of the story of his daughter.


Simon Barrett


Instead of putting people down, Jack Hatfield encourages people to lift them up. Too often people get hung up on what others are doing wrong rather than learning how they can help them.


Sandra Williams
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Ijack and Judy Hatfield - my Ma and Pa