Everything You Need To Succeed Was Inside You BEFORE You Were Born.

The NEW Book Eliminating Excuses Around The World!

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I will not be pulling any punches. I am your coach to improve your attitude towards your Success. I will teach you that you have everything you need to succeed inside of you BEFORE you were born. Together, we will make a difference, not just in your personal Success, but in all of your endeavors.
Jack Hatfield is worried about how it seems more and more people are not succeeding the way they should be. A dedication to hard work and his years of "sweat" equity and you already have a powerful mentor. Then something happened. The birth of his daughter. In his first book, Blessed With Tragedy, Jack tells the story in day-by-day diary format written while in the struggle for life and death with his daughter Jonna. From the smallest teacher, one father learns the greatest lessons in life. "From this experience, I had to overcome any fear, understand every emotion, and muster all my strength to ensure that I would be blessed with tragedy, not overtaken by it. "

From sitting by his daughter’s bedside for the 130 days she was in the neonatal intensive care unit, she showed him that you have everything you need to succeed inside you BEFORE you were born.

This is the wisdom he dives into from his new book, Natural Success Principles.
“I will not let the teachings my daughter showed me remain silent. It would be unfair for me to keep them to myself. I am out to help the world uncover what I know is there.”

Jack does things a little more directly than most motivational speakers. Not all sweetness and light, sometimes you need a good quick kick in the seat of your pants to destroy the excuses that you harbor inside.
In all the world, humans are the only species to make a direct decision to not succeed. This is amazing to me. You are not given this trait when you are born, you cover it up. Your Natural Success Principle is to succeed despite any odds, yet people have been groomed to cover up these principles, hide them. Conform to the norm. I am here to tell you that the normal is not where you began. You were given all the keys, you just will not turn the key and drive. You like to sit by and have someone drive you around? That will get you only to the places they want you to see.

Jack Hatfield started his career in the technology field where he boasts of some incredible success, not withstanding his unyielding customer support. He has always went above and beyond to help his fellow man and his new path, after the birth of his daughter, will help him reach millions more.

Jack is now working on a speaking tour and motivational seminars. He is available for appearances.
He also founded the Early Journey Foundation, a non-profit organization that is going to be the frontline for parents of PreeMiracles the world over. He has also created and developed the World's First and Largest Social Networking Website dedicated to PreeMiracles and those who love them. Visit
www.PreeMiracles.com and join the community that is facing unique challenges and that together we can help them all.

His life has changed and he is determined to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible
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