Everything You Need To Succeed Was Inside You BEFORE You Were Born.

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Do you find yourself asking these questions, even after following all the self-help out there.

There is no “secret” to hard work and the unleashing of your True Potential. You have everything you need to succeed inside you BEFORE you were born. You can realize all the other stuff ONLY after using what was given you since the beginning.

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Unleash Your Power!

Find Your Definition of Success

Empower Your Relationships

Identify and Inspect Those Negative Relationships Around You

Go Further in Your Career

Empower Your Employees

Motivate Through Life’s Struggles

Transform Your Life to A True Purpose, Not a “Lost” One

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Life Changing New Book!
Best Selling Author Jack Hatfield now shares the wisdom he was shown by his premature daughter.  Sitting bedside, Jack was witness to the power of the human spirit. While he does not wish this on anyone, he has to make sure that these teachings do not remain with him. He has vowed to change people’s lives, with this knowledge blessed upon him, around the world.
“There is but 
one success, to be 
able to live your life 
in your own way”
Is Your
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Natural Success Principles released

Pouring his heart and soul into this book, Jack releases the wisdom and teachings that he learned sitting bedside of his premature daughter. Witnessing something this great takes an enormous amount of pride. I am so glad to be this blessed.


Press Release from the March of Dimes

Jack Hatfield and the South Carolina Chapter of the March of Dimes release a press release.

Bestselling author, Jack Hatfield, is sharing not only his story, but the proceeds as well. The March of Dimes will benefit from the book "Blessed with Tragedy-A Father's Journey with his PreeMiracle"


Blessed with Tragedy Released.

Jack takes 4 years to recount the day-by-day story of the miraculous little girl who entered his life a little prematurely. The book becomes a best seller and remains sought after by parents around the world.

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Fix the Family, Fix America Series Launches

We have founded the Fix the Family, Fix America series. We are a group of people that are empowering people by helping transform their lives. We are helping moms and dads work smarter, get more in touch with their family and change or enhance their careers if necessary. Our 4 part series begins with Positive Fathering, then goes on with Make-a-Difference Mothering, Pull-Through Parenting and finally ends with Reveal YOUR Success.

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